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20 Hidden Plot Lines Fans Missed In Final Fantasy 7

20 Hidden Plot Lines Fans Missed In Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII’s story is usually attributed as being the primary online game that many gamers have been truly invested in. VII ushered within the period of the unique PlayStation and gave players a brand new type of story that wasn’t like something just like the basic Nintendo video games on NES and SNES.

Final Fantasy VII was not concerning the heroes that wanted to save lots of a defenseless princess. As an alternative, the sport facilities on the concepts of a corrupt mega-corporation, the unreliability of reminiscence, discovering your personal id, and, in all probability most significantly, mortality. VII wasn’t the primary recreation to place down a serious character. In reality, it isn’t the primary recreation within the franchise to have main characters cross away. However it was executed in such a approach that made it very profound and has caught with players because the recreation was launched. In a typical online game, having a foremost character move away often simply means a recreation over and you need to redo a degree. In VII, when Aerith passes, she stays gone, and that has an enduring impact on gamers.

In fact, I’m simply talking concerning the story parts that have been on the forefront with the sport. There are literally lots of secret themes and plot factors that went over some followers’ heads. There are plenty of hidden plot strains that many players would miss, which is why I’ll be going over the 20 Hidden Plot Lines Fans Missed In Final Fantasy VII.

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20 Pink XIII Might Have Been The Solely Survivor

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Because of spin-offs and sequels, it’s properly established that the primary forged of Final Fantasy VII survived the occasions of the sport. Whereas it’s considerably gratifying to know that the characters we love have been capable of make out in the long run, it additionally lessens the influence of the unique ending.

The ending of Final Fantasy VII was deliberately very obscure. As a meteor is about to crash onto the planet, the Lifestream instantly springs from inside the planet to cease it. Although the meteor is destroyed, the destiny of the human race was left unknown.

The silver lining is that Purple XIII is proven to have no less than lived, as proven in a secret ending.

19 Mortality Is A Main Theme

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The passing of Aerith on the finish of half 1 was not solely a shocking plot twist, however it’s used to additional emphasize one of many essential themes of the sport. The story of the sport forces gamers to face the concept the whole lot passes, and it’s a fixed matter all through the narrative. Early within the recreation, it was revealed that Aerith’s adoptive mom had a husband who handed in a struggle. It’s a sobering scene, and it compels gamers to think about mortality early on within the narrative. Although many players have been initially caught off guard by Aerith’s passing, Final Fantasy VII was secretly laying out the seeds because the very starting.

18 Gaining The Turks’ Respect

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The Turks are recurring antagonists inside Final Fantasy VII. They’re a gaggle of investigators employed by Shinra for reconnaissance and are additionally employed to remove particular issues dealing with the corporate. Comparatively to the opposite main antagonists inside the recreation, the Turks are literally fairly likable. The primary characters develop a rivalry with the Turks, and relying on what aspect missions you accomplish, the Turks may very well start displaying respect in the direction of the leads. In their remaining battle in the direction of the top of the sport, the Turks give gamers the choice to keep away from their climatic final struggle. The choice is simply obtainable in case you did the aspect mission in Wutai earlier than the top of Disc 1.

17 Foreshadowing Of Main Plot Twists

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There was truly loads of foreshadowing for a number of the largest twists in Final Fantasy VII. As an example, early within the recreation when Cloud is retelling the Nibelheim incident in Kalm, there’s lacking info that Cloud couldn’t keep in mind. He had a tough time remembering what he did when he was visiting his mom, and he doesn’t keep in mind how he survived Sephiroth’s assault. This foreshadows that Cloud’s previous as a 1st Class SOLDIER is a lie, and his reminiscences can’t be trusted.

One other instance of foreshadowing is when Cait Sith makes use of his fortune telling to foretell that Cloud would lose one thing near him. This foreshadows Aerith’s passing.

16 Sephiroth By no means Cared For Cloud

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It’s exhausting to not think about Sephiroth and Cloud as nothing greater than rivals with an extended historical past; nevertheless, that was not likely the case within the unique Final Fantasy VII. Whereas future installments and spin-offs would attempt to set up a extra private rivalry between the 2, inside the context of the unique VII Cloud meant nothing to Sephiroth. As immediately said by Jenova, Cloud was nothing greater than a puppet for Sephiroth to make use of. Cloud appeared as much as Sephiroth, and later needed revenge for what he did in Nibelheim, however their relationship within the recreation was all the time one-sided. Sephiroth by no means actually cared that a lot about Cloud, and he drastically underestimated him till the very finish.

15 Vincent’s Backstory

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Vincent is an elective playable character in Final Fantasy VII. He could be present in a coffin beneath the Shinra mansion on the rebuilt Nibelheim. When the get together first talks to him, he reveals to them some startling revelations about Sephiroth. Later, the primary characters can a go to a cave close to Nibelheim the place they meet Lucrecia.

Lucrecia is a scientist that Vincent fell in love with throughout his time as a Turk. Sadly, Lucrecia would find yourself marrying another person and turns into pregnant. When he finds out that the daddy needs to experiment with the unborn youngster, Vincent tries to cease him. As an alternative, he was captured and was experimented on. He turned an immortal being, with the facility to rework into totally different monsters.

14 Aerith Had The White Materia The Entire Time

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One of the highly effective photographs throughout Aerith’s passing scene is the White Materia bouncing on the ground. Materia are small orbs which are made up of Mako, which is power taken from inside the planet. The White Materia is the one factor that may summon Holy. Holy is a strong spell that’s presupposed to match that of Meteor, probably the most highly effective spell from the Black Materia.

For the longest time, I by no means understood the place Aerith acquired the White Materia. Apparently, there was some dialogue early on that reveals that Aerith carries together with her a particular Materia that she believes is ineffective. The White Materia has been handed down all through the generations by the Cetras. Aerith is the final Cetra, so she was the final to inherit the White Materia.

13 The Tragedy Of Barret’s Arm

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The tragedy of Barret’s gun arm is touched on within the unique Final Fantasy VII. Whereas Barret comes off as a tough-talking man with a gun arm, there’s actual pathos with Barret’s machine arm.

Barret is the adoptive father of Marlene. He later meets together with his former greatest good friend, and organic father of Marlene, Dyne. Dyne additionally has a robotic arm, and rejects Barret’s supply to see Marlene. Feeling like he can’t maintain her due to his arm, Dyne then ends all of it. Barret’s additionally confess that he additionally fears his gun arm when holding Marlene. Barret later tries to exchange his gun arm with an actual robotic arm, solely to vary his thoughts in On the Strategy to a Smile.

12 Nibelheim Is Crammed By Actors

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The poor English translation of Final Fantasy VII might clarify why this specific plot level went over my head, although it was by no means actually essential sufficient to the primary story anyway. 5 years earlier than the occasions of the primary recreation, Sephiroth went insane and ended virtually everyone in Nibelheim. But someway when the get together visits the city within the current, the place is seemingly absolutely populated.

Apparently, all of the residents within the city are actors, who’re pretending to be the townsfolk in order that Shinra can cover the truth that Sephiroth went insane. Nibelheim by no means actually performed an necessary position within the present-day storyline, regardless of being the hometown of Cloud and Tifa, so this plotline wasn’t crucial for the primary story.

11 Denzel, On A Method To A Smile

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Denzel was all the time an odd character within the Final Fantasy VII: Creation Youngsters film. He wasn’t a pre-existing character from the unique Final Fantasy VII; nevertheless, the unique minimize of the movie didn’t give him a backstory by any means. He was simply there, and he mechanically had a reference to the remainder of the forged.

On a Method To A Smile particulars his backstory, revealing he was an orphan through the course of the unique recreation. He results in the care of Reeve’s mom, Ruvie. Reeve is among the executives of Shinra, and was the one controlling the character Cait Sith. Ruvie would later move away from the Geostigma virus. Not lengthy after that, he comes throughout Cloud’s motorbike, Denzel passes out resulting from contacting the Geostigma.

10 Aerith And Tifa Are Opposites

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Whereas a love triangle did exist between the three leads of Final Fantasy VII, there was fortunately no animosity between Aerith and Tifa. Despite the fact that Aerith and Cloud have been rising nearer, Tifa nonetheless turned pals with Aerith.

The characters might have gotten alongside inside the context of the story, their look was meant to showcase how totally different they have been. Aerith has mild brown hair, and Tifa has darkish black hair. Aerith wore extra conservative clothes, whereas Tifa’s mini-skirt and tight tee have been much more. Aerith fought with solely a employees and was much more passive. Tifa, then again, was extra aggressive and fought together with her fists.

9 The Sephiroth Clones

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It’s established that the mad scientist Hojo took the survivors of the Nibelheim Incident, and injected them with Jenova cells. Jenova was an alien who crashed onto the planet centuries in the past. The check topics with weak sufficient wills succumbed to Jenova’s affect and primarily develop into clones of her. They later acted as clones as Sephiroth, Jenova’s “son.”

There have been twelve “successful” check topics, they usually have been all given numbers by Hojo. Cloud and Zack have been additionally check topics, however have been classed as failures as a result of they stored their very own character. The clones are situated all through the sport, although they by no means actually do something. 4 of the clones’ numbers aren’t even revealed. Most of them are within the rebuilt Nibelheim.

eight Zangan, Tifa’s Grasp

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Zangan is a personality that was solely briefly seen in Cloud’s retelling of the Nibelheim Incident. The Incident is when Sephiroth eradicated a lot of the inhabitants in Nibelheim. Zangan is momentarily seen saving survivors through the Incident, earlier than disappearing from the story.

Distinction to the opposite NPCs, Zangan was truly given a reputation and had his personal distinctive character mannequin. In a letter present in Tifa’s piano within the rebuilt Nibelheim, it’s revealed that Zangan was the person that saved Tifa from Shinra through the Incident. He later turns into Tifa’s grasp and taught her all her martial arts powers. His letter to Tifa is the final we hear about Zangan, and we by no means know what actually occurred to him.

7 Wutai Backstory

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The backstory of Wutai is hidden as an non-compulsory subplot in Final Fantasy VII, and was additional elaborated in Disaster Core. Wutai is the nation with a historical past of ninjas. The character Yuffie comes from Wutai. It’s closely advised that Wutai was an awesome nation, till the corporate Shinra determined to unfold its affect to it as properly. Wutai not has Materia, in all probability taken away from Shinra.

Disaster Core additional explores Wutai’s historical past by showcasing the good Wutai Conflict. The Wutai Conflict was a battle between Wutai and Shinra, the place Wutai refused to permit Shinra to construct a Mako manufacturing unit on their lands. Wutai misplaced, which is why their nation ended up within the place they’re within the current.

6 AVALANCHE Are Primarily Dangerous Individuals

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The primary playable characters are all a part of AVALANCHE, an underground group that opposes the Shinra Company. The primary characters are clearly the heroes of the story, with their morality by no means being questioned. Shinra is dangerous, and AVALANCHE is clearly alleged to be good.

That is ignoring the truth that the members of AVALANCHE are primarily dangerous individuals. They’re admittedly eco-revolutionaries, who’re towards a clearly corrupt firm. Nevertheless, they’re nonetheless revolutionaries. The opening act of the sport is them blowing up a manufacturing unit that was in all probability crammed with Shinra staff. It’s bizarre that the sport by no means touches on the truth that the primary characters trigger a lot hurt and destruction.

5 The Hidden Which means Of Cloud’s Dressing

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This principle I truly received from The Completionist on YouTube, so examine him up on his channel.

One of many extra notorious scenes from Final Fantasy VII comes from when Cloud Strife has to decorate as a lady to sneak into Don Corneo’s place. It’s a weird scene, and it actually contrasts with the intense tone that VII has. It might come off as a nonsensical second within the recreation, however it helps discover considered one of Cloud’s weaknesses. Whereas Cloud might act cool and in management, he truly suffers from a variety of self-doubt about his personal id. A whole lot of his persona early on is his personal interpretation of what Zack would act. Cloud cross-dressing additional explores his uncertainty of what he’s imagined to be.

four Story Of The LOVELESS

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The LOVELESS is a vital story inside the world of Final Fantasy VII. The story was principally explored within the prequel, Disaster Core, although it was first hinted at within the unique recreation. The LOVELESS is about three males looking for the present of the goddess.

The story is supposed to be interpreted in any method that the participant sees match. The context of the story isn’t revealed till Disaster Core, however posters with the phrases LOVELESS are seen throughout Midgard. Cid additionally talks about seeing an finish of a play that might later be revealed to be the LOVELESS play.

The LOVELESS posters within the unique VII recreation have been truly based mostly on the album of the identical identify by the Irish band referred to as My Bloody Valentine.

three Sephiroth’s Mom

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Sephiroth believes that the alien Jenova is his mom, regardless that that’s not strictly true. Whereas Sephiroth was bred with Jenova cells, he truly had a human mom and father. His organic father was the mad physician Hojo, and his mom was the kind-hearted Lucrecia. After his mom gave delivery to him, Sephiroth was taken away to develop as much as be the world’s biggest SOLDIER. Lucrecia will later have visions of Sephiroth’s future deeds, and selected to exile herself in a cave behind a waterfall.

The true tragedy of all of it is that Lucrecia was genuinely good, and makes you marvel if Sephiroth would have grown up in a different way if he had an actual loving mom like her.

2 Zack’s Destiny

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Zack was a really minor character in Final Fantasy VII. He was Aerith’s first crush and was the SOLDIER that Cloud tries to emulate in early elements of the sport. He had already handed away earlier than the occasions of the sport. How he perished isn’t proven till the gamers determine to go to the basement within the Shinra mansion. A cutscene is then proven that Zack escaped from Shinra’s experiments with Cloud, and was later mowed down by Shinra troops on the outskirts of Midgard. Cloud would then inherit Zack’s Buster Sword, and decides to grow to be a mercenary underneath his suggestion. Zack’s story is the primary focus within the prequel recreation, Disaster Core.

1 Cloud’s Everyman Story

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When Cloud Strife was a boy, he needed to be somebody robust like Sephiroth and tried becoming a member of SOLDIER. He failed and solely turned an infantryman. Regardless of that, he was nonetheless capable of stab Sephiroth and threw him over in a pool of pure Mako power in the course of the Nibelheim Incident. Cloud was by no means proven to be anybody notably particular; he was only a boy who everybody underestimated and was capable of develop into a real hero. Sephiroth particularly thought little or no of Cloud.

Cloud is supposed to symbolize the everyman, the individuals who weren’t born with presents like Sephiroth. He was capable of save the planet regardless of all his private baggage, and overcome the issues that made him insecure.

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